About Me

Born on the 17th of July 1973.

Moved to Copenhagen in 1995, to Malmö in 2004, to Qatar in 2011 and back to Malmö in 2014


The spare time is used with cars, painting and maintenance of the apartment.

Employment History

Ernst & Young



GN Netcom A/S

Topdanmark A/S

Sonlinc A/S

City of Copenhagen

The life


Born and raised on Lolland, in Nakskov, Denmark. After living 10 years in the capital, Copenhagen, I decided to move to Malmö, Sweden, to try something new and exciting, Malmö have been my home since 2004.

From 2011 to 2014 I have been stationed for work in Qatar.


During the years I got an education in commerce and offices, specializing in public management, a positions as IT staff, systems developer, IT consultant, internal SAP BW Consultant,SAP Business Intelligence Specialist and externalBusiness Intelligence consultant.


Curriculum Vitae


Senior Consultant

Project manager

Task manager



Respect your actions.


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